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Are You Doing Side-by-Side Testing for Web and Mobile?

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  • May 04, 2016
This week, Perfecto conducted a webinar around the shift to digital and the importance of building and releasing web and mobile products. We covered the practices of running Selenium test code across multiple platforms efficiently and in multiple languages (Java and C#) and IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio and InteliJ).During the webinar we conducted two polls about companies testing plans for web and mobile.The first poll was about team responsibility in a digital landscape, specifically which teams are responsible for mobile and web testing. As you can see in the results below, the majority (52%) of the answers revealed that teams today are still doing silo'd testing for mobile and web separately, while 22% are doing side-by-side testing for both mobile and web.In the second poll, we learned that 30% of the organizations are planning to shift to parallel side-by-side mobile and web testing. With 22% already doing that today, that means that more than 50% of organizations will be doing cross-platform parallel testing within the next six months.How are you testing for web and mobile?
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