Look Mao, no hands! China's roadmap to self-driving cars

  • 26
  • Apr 24, 2016
BEIJING In the race to develop self-driving cars, the United States and Europe lead in technology, but China is coming up fast in the outside lane with a regulatory structure that could put it ahead in the popular adoption of autonomous cars on its hig...
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Astronomers find a tailless comet, first of its kind

  • 22
  • May 01, 2016
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Astronomers have found a first-of-its-kind tailless comet whose composition may offer clues into long-standing questions about the solar system's formation and evolution, according to research published on Friday in the journal Sci...
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Israeli placental cell therapy could cure radiation sickness

  • 19
  • Mar 09, 2016
Israeli biotech firm Pluristem Therapeutics said it hopes its anti-radiation therapy will protect Fukushima workers decommissioning nuclear reactors and save lives in the future if ever a similar catastrophe occurs.The Haifa-based company said they hav...
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Ford and Shelby American introduce the Mustang GT EcoBoost

  • 40
  • Sep 16, 2015
Ford introduced the new features of the 2016 Ford Mustang GT EcoBoost. The base V6 model and the Shelby GT350R reassure that Ford is all about power, given that each vehicle delivers at least 300 horsepower. The transcending engine this time comes with a ...
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Astronaut runs marathon in space -- but slower than on earth

  • 10
  • Apr 25, 2016
British astronaut Tim Peake became the first man to complete a marathon in space on Sunday, running the classic 26.2 mile distance while strapped to a treadmill aboard the International Space Station.As part of the London Marathon, Britain's biggest ma...
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U.S. to auction $1.6 million of bitcoin from various cases

  • 45
  • Aug 09, 2016
NEW YORK The U.S. government said on Monday it plans to auction over 2,700 bitcoins that were forfeited during several cases, several of which stemmed from investigations of the online black market known as Silk Road.The U.S. Marshals Service said that...
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Device harnessing thoughts allows quadriplegic to use his hands

  • 62
  • Apr 14, 2016
WASHINGTON An Ohio man paralyzed in an accident while diving in waves can now pick up a bottle or play the video game Guitar Hero thanks to a small computer chip in his brain that lets his mind guide his hands and fingers, bypassing his damaged spinal ...
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Simulating Mars exploration, British astronaut guides rover from space

  • 44
  • Apr 29, 2016
LONDON British astronaut Tim Peake drove a rover on Mars on Friday -- or at least pretended to by test-driving the exploration vehicle on earth remotely from space.From the International Space Station (ISS) some 250 miles above earth, the European Spac...
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2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S ReviewBeing the Porsche 911 must be tough.

  • 99
  • Jun 04, 2015
Every time a new high-end sports car comes to market, Stuttgart’s rear-engine wonder is firmly in the cross hairs. I guess after fifty-plus years of success, it’s normal to be a target. So why is there so much Porsche discussion during a Mercedes-Ben...
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Add Custom Functionality to a Spring Data Repository

  • 93
  • Jun 07, 2016
Spring Data is pretty convenient and speeds up development, avoiding boilerplate code.However, there are cases where annotation queries are not enough for the custom functionality you might want to achieve.Therefore, Spring Data allows us to add custom me...
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